What is the best way to create the images and which formats are possible?

You can upload the scoresheets in png, jpg or jpeg format. You can also take the picture directly with your cell phone. When using your cell phone, please make sure to take a picture of the entry form from above and not from the side. The scoresheet should fill as much of the picture as possible so that there is little margin on the picture. Place the form on a single-colored, preferably dark background. If possible, always use the original, not the carbon copy.
To process a large number of scoresheets, it is best to use a scanner with a feeder; 300 dpi in grayscale is sufficient.

What options are there in step 1?

In step 1, you can upload scoresheets for one or two players. You can switch between player 1 and player 2. You can upload up to 4 sheets per player and move them into the correct order.
Choose the notation language for each player. At the moment you can choose between KDTLS (German), KQRBN (English) and RDTFC (French). The notation languages are still being expanded.

What options are available in step 2?

In step 2 you can enter the header data of the game. Currently only the 7 mandatory tags and “board” are available.
If there is a pgn with the header data, you can upload it to the folder beforehand. Now you can select the data from the header data.

What options are available in step 3 – “Last move”?

In the first part of step 3, you will be asked to enter the last move of each player. The software shows the moves and also suggests one. If the last move is not offered for selection, you can switch to “All moves” and select the correct one.
The software then jumps to the next player or to the editing of the moves.
At the same time, you can always look at the entire game form if you are unsure.

What options are available in step 3 – “Edit moves”?

In the second part of step 3, you are asked to enter the moves that were not clearly recognized. The software usually already has various suggestions for each move and a favorite (thick green frame). If this is correct, you do not need to do anything. Otherwise you can select a different move suggestion. If you click in the line, the position on the chessboard is displayed and you can also make the correct move there. A pencil will also appear above the image of the move. You can use this to add or delete moves that the player has forgotten.
For many conspicuous moves, it helps to confirm moves. This limits the possible variants and usually reduces the number of conspicuous moves. After choosing a move, the list is updated.
Sometimes it is helpful to switch to “All moves” if you are stuck.
Always start at the top of the list.
The last move is always displayed so that you know where the end is. If you have set it incorrectly, you can press the symbol and the last move will be queried again.
The game is saved with “Finish editing” and the next game is requested. The same applies if you interrupt editing. You can copy the pgn to the clipboard beforehand if you want to view the game in a chess program.

What options are available in the section “Games”?

You can manage your games in the section “Games”. There is the standard folder “My games”. You can also create additional folders to keep a better overview.
If you want to share a folder with someone, you can enter the e-mail address of one or more people who also have an account under “Shared”. They can then also edit the folder and add games.
If someone shares a folder with you, you will see it under “Folders shared with me”.
If a user edits a game in a shared folder, a corresponding symbol will be displayed and the game will be blocked for other users until then.

Which options do I have to get a complete tournament as pgn as a service?

There are two options:

  1. pgn-creation during the tournament
    After provisioning the scoresheets of a round and the pgn-file with the draw we create the pgn-file within 24 hours.
    You can scan or take a picture of the scoresheets and upload them. We recommend a scanner with feeder.
  2. pgn-creation after the tournament
    Send us all score sheets of the tournament as paper or electronically and send the pgn-file with the draws via email.
    You receive the pgn-file seven days after we have received the data latest.

What happens when I don’t renew my account?

You will have access to your account for one year after your last purchase. After that, the account will be deleted. You can download all your games or extend your account at any time beforehand.

Why is the website not gendered?

The website is not gendered to make it quick and efficient to read. The masculine form used on this site refers to all genders. pgnApp supports equal rights for all people, regardless of gender, origin, skin color, age, sexual orientation or religion.